In addition to building a power plan and beats plan, Stages Studio PRO has the option to create a heart rate plan using the five heart rate zones. Like a power plan, instructors choose a zone and corresponding time for each interval. The ADD PLAYLIST, COPY, NO ZONE, and ADD SCRIPT features are all available when building a heart rate plan. For more information on using these features, see the related articles: How to build a power plan using Stages Studio Pro and How to build a beats plan using Stages Studio Pro.

When teaching an HR plan, the following are required:

  • All riders have an HR sensor.
  • Riders have registered and uploaded their HR sensor information into their account.
  • Riders have booked a bike in the class, so the system knows who they are.
  • For the optimal rider experience, instructors should choose a gauge that includes HR information.


Build a heart rate plan

  1. Log in to using your credentials.
  2. Scroll down the left-hand side menu and click on PLANS under INSTRUCTOR.
  3. Click on CREATE in the upper right corner.
  4. Select HEART RATE PLAN.
  5. To import or build a playlist to use as a time reference guide, click on ADD PLAYLIST. See the related article: How to build a beats plan using Stages Studio Pro.
  6. Click the PLUS icon in the bottom right corner to add your intervals.
  7. Across the top of the dashboard are options to help you build your power plan intervals: DELETE(the trash can icon), COPY(the double-page icon), NO ZONE, and ADD SCRIPT. See the related article: How to build a power plan using Stages Studio Pro.
  8. Select a color zone for your first interval; drag the slider, or click on the NUMBER and type in a percentage to apply to the interval.
  9. On the timeline, each DOT represents a 1-minute increment. Select an increment on the timeline, or click on the TIME to customize the length of the interval. In the pop-up window, scroll through the numbers to change the time. Click on SAVE.
  10. Continue to build the heart rate plan, adding intervals with the PLUS ICON and adjusting the HR zone and time.
  11. When the plan is complete, click on REVIEW.
  12. Name your plan and click on SAVE.
  13. The plan appears on your dashboard and is accessible in your practice room or classroom.

Edit an existing plan

  1. Click anywhere on the plan to open it.
  2. Click on the PENCIL ICON to edit the plan.
  3. When the changes are complete, click on REVIEW.
  4. Click on SAVE to save the changes.