The Stages Indoor Cycling bikes that feature the Stages Power meter use wireless signals to communicate your power output to the display on the console. Due to the large number of electronics in most gym, studio, and home environments, it is possible to experience a disruption in these signals that can cause the console to display 0 or auto-pause if the drop continues for more than 5 seconds. For bike-related issues see the related article: What do I do if the watt or RPM reading on my console drops to 0 intermittently?

We recommend taking certain steps to avoid signal loss and keep your console working at its best for your workouts. Here are some suggestions based on our experiences: 

Check for firmware updates on the Stages Power meter and the SIC1 or SIC2 consoles

Stages Power meter firmware updates

Stages SIC1 console Bluetooth radio firmware updates 

Updating the firmware on a SIC1 console

How to update the firmware on the Stages SIC2 Console

Cell phone interference

Receiving cell phone calls and texts may cause a brief disruption when the mobile device is located next to the console. If you are not using your mobile device to record the ride, it may be best to relocate it away from the console. 

Wi-Fi routers

Wi-Fi routers continuously send out wireless signals at a similar frequency (2.4GHz) to that used by the console and power meter, which can occasionally disrupt the signals being sent to the console. When this happens, there are two possible solutions:

  1. Increase the distance between the Wi-Fi router and the indoor cycling bike (or cycling room, in the case of studios and gyms).
  2. Change the Wi-Fi router channel to eliminate signal disruption. Most Wi-Fi routers broadcast on channels 1, 6, or 11. The ANT+ signal from the Stages power meter broadcasts on channel 10, which overlaps quite a bit with channel 11. If there are networks present on channel 11, it could cause interference. The easiest solution is to shift any of those networks on channel 11 to channel 1 or 6 to avoid overlap. Check your Wi-Fi router instruction manual for instructions on how to access the router's settings. It may be necessary to experiment with different channels to achieve the best results. 

Smart TVs

Similar to Wi-Fi routers, operating the Stages Indoor Cycling console in close proximity to your Smart TV while streaming to the device may cause signal disruptions. We recommend increasing the distance between these devices and your Stages Indoor Cycling bikes to avoid further disruption. 


We recommend not using your console and power meter near a kitchen equipped with a microwave, as it can cause the console to stop displaying power or pause when the microwave is running. 


For troubleshooting purposes, it may be helpful to display or read your ride data on a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device using the Stages Cycling app or a compatible fitness app. Bluetooth can provide a more reliable connection that is less prone to signal interference caused by outside interference. Connect the app with your power meter, then turn on the console to show ride data on the console.

Check out the following topics for information on how to use your mobile device to display or record power on a power meter equipped Stages Indoor Cycling bike:

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If you are unable to discover the cause of the dropouts, please submit a ticket with Stages Indoor Cycling support and provide details regarding your issue.