All Stages Indoor Cycling bikes equipped with the SIC1 console are able to easily record rides via portable USB drive. Just simply insert a USB drive into the USB port on the front side of the console when prompted at the beginning of the ride. Once you begin your workout by pressing the STAGE button (to advance from Warm Up mode), the ride data will begin being written to the USB drive. When the ride is completed (by holding the AVG/END button), simply wait until the checkmark appears at the top of the console and remove your USB drive.

The file will be written onto your drive in CSV format and will include power, speed, time, distance, and heart rate data (when the console is paired to an HR strap). This file can be uploaded to third-party training sites such as TrainingPeaks in order to track your training and accomplish fitness goals.

Using a USB to record data from the Stages SIC1 Console from Stages Indoor Cycling on YouTube.

Console button guide

Use the BACKLIGHT or AVG/END buttons to scroll through the menu, and the STAGE button to select a menu item.

Recording your ride with a USB drive on the SIC1 Console

  1. Locate the USB input on the front of the console.
  2. Press any button to activate the console and the display will prompt you to insert a USB drive into the USB port on the console.
  3. If the console detects a USB drive, a checkmark will appear on the display.
    • If the console does not detect a USB drive, a cross-out symbol will appear on the display. Remove the drive and use the AVG/END button to restart the console and attempt again. Some USB drives may not function correctly when plugged into the console.
  4. Press the STAGE button to begin the ride. 
  5. Hold down AVG/END to complete your ride and finish recording to the USB drive.
    • Activity will be saved when you view the RESULTS summary on the console screen.
    • Note: If you remove the USB drive prior to ending your ride, your ride data will not be saved. 

The file on the USB will be recorded in both a .FIT and .CSV file format. .FIT files can be uploaded to Strava, Stages Link, TrainingPeaks, and other fitness tracking websites, while the .CSV file can be opened as a spreadsheet in order to review your ride data, including STAGE summaries and overall ride summary data.