Note: These instructions are for updating the Bluetooth radio firmware on the SIC1 console. If you have a SIC2 console, please see the related topic: How to update the firmware on the Stages SIC2 console.

These instructions show how to update the Bluetooth radio firmware on all Bluetooth-enabled Stages Indoor Cycling SIC1 consoles. This update process differs from the firmware update process used to update the console firmware via USB drive, as it is an update to the console's Bluetooth radio, rather than the console firmware itself.


  • Bluetooth-enabled Stages IC console (must be installed on a bike and paired to a Stages Power meter)
  • A compatible iOS or Android mobile device running the StagesPower app
  • An internet connection via mobile network or Wi-Fi

Before beginning the update, please check the iTunes or Google Play store to download and install the latest version of the StagesPower app.

Stages Power - Android app Link 

Stages Power - iOS app in the Apple Store 

How to update the SIC1 console Bluetooth radio firmware

Before performing a console radio firmware update, please ensure you have a compatible mobile device with the StagesPower app installed and up to date, as laid out in the previous section. 

  1. Activate the console by pressing any button.
  2. Pedal the bike until the power meter is connected to the console and registering watts.
  3. Open up the StagesPower app on your compatible mobile device.
  4. Make sure your mobile device has a data connection or is connected to a wireless network.
  5. From the discoverable devices page, select the Stages IC Console
    If the bike number is set on the console, the console will show with the assigned number, e.g., Stages IC 7. If the bike number is not set multiple consoles appear, use the green bars to determine which console is in closest proximity to your device. Non-Bluetooth-enabled consoles will not show up on the app.
  6. Once connected, select Firmware and follow on-screen prompts following the completion of the firmware update.

To confirm the firmware version, reconnect to the console using the app and check the firmware version listed on the app screen.


Updating the Bluetooth radio firmware on the Stages Bluetooth SIC1 console from Stages Indoor Cycling on YouTube.

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