Note: the following information is for the SIC2 console. It does not pertain to the SIC1 console. If you have a SIC1 console please see the related topic: How to set the bike number on the SIC1 console?

To communicate properly, a paired console and sensor must be mounted to the same exercise bike. To make sure that the correct console stays with the correct sensor and exercise bike, you can assign an identification number to the console that matches the identification number of the exercise bike. It is strongly recommended that each exercise bike in a fitness club be numbered for easy identification.

If there is a communication problem between the console and the sensor, you can view the bike number and make sure that the console is attached to the correct exercise bike.

Bike numbers can be set from 001 to 999 using a three-digit system. Once the bike number is set, it is displayed in the upper left corner any time the console is on.

Console button guide

Use the RIDE and END buttons to scroll through the menu, and the STAGE button to select a menu item.

How to set a bike number

  1. Activate the console by pressing any button.
  2. Press and hold the RIDE and END buttons for 5 seconds to enter the Settings menu.
  3. Use the RIDE and END buttons to scroll to Bike #, then press the STAGE button to select it.
  4. To set bike number 001, scroll to 0, then press STAGE. The selected number displays on the screen. Repeat the process to enter the remaining digits.
  5. After the last digit is selected, you will receive a menu prompt; press STAGE to OK the number or press RIDE to re-enter the number, following step 4, until the number is OK.
  6. When the Settings menu appears, scroll to Exit, then press STAGE.
  7. The new bike number appears in the upper left corner of the console.