Note: the following information is for the Stages Gen. 1 /Gen. 2 power meter (971-0100 & 971-0101). It does not pertain to the Gen. 3 (971-0103) power meter. 

Check the battery door on the Stages Power meter to ensure it is in good condition. Loose, broken, or cracked battery doors can cause a loss of connectivity and data transmission while riding.

Inspect the hinges and tightness of the power meter battery door

Be sure the hinges of the battery door are fully intact, and hold the battery door securely onto the power meter.

Inspect the posts on the power meter where the battery door attaches

There should be two posts; check that one or both posts have not broken off.

Inspect the power meter battery door for cracks

Be sure there are no cracks in the door, especially near the screw.

Inspect the battery contact wire

The contact wire should be in one piece; look for broken or missing wire.

If you find any of the above issues with the battery door, please submit a ticket with Stages Indoor Cycling support and provide details regarding the issue.