If you have the StagesPower app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can check the status of your power meter’s battery.  

Battery indicator colorBattery Level
GreenGood battery level 
YellowBattery level is approximately 15%-20%
Red5% or less battery power remaining

Download the StagesPower app on your mobile device.

StagesPower Android app link

StagesPower iOS app link

How to check the battery level on the Stages Power meter

  1. Rotate the crank several times to wake the Stages Power meter.
  2. Launch the Stages Power app on your mobile device.
  3. For Android devices, proceed to the next step.  
    For iOS devices, tap on Connect with Bluetooth.
  4. A list of available devices is displayed.
  5. Locate the ANT+ ID number on the power meter on the left crank of the bike.
  6. Tap on the ANT+ ID that matches the power meter to select it, then tap Connect.
  7. The battery indicator takes 5-10 seconds to display after a connection is made through the app. The battery indicator will appear in the lower right corner on an Android device and the upper right corner on an iOS device.

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