Note: the following information is for the SIC2 console. It does not pertain to the SIC1 console. If you have a SIC1 console, please refer to this related article: Updating the firmware on a SIC1 console.

IMPORTANT: Updating the firmware is an advanced procedure. Make sure to read all instructions before updating the firmware.

Console button guide

Use the RIDE and END buttons to scroll through the menu, and the STAGE button to select a menu item.

How to update the firmware

  1. Download the .ZIP file from the SIC2 Console Firmware Release page on the Stages Indoor Manuals site.
  2. Extract the downloaded .ZIP file.
  3. Open the resulting folder and copy the DGX2SC folder onto a blank USB drive.
    The file must be in the top level of the drive directory, not within another folder. This should be the only folder on the drive. Please remove any older firmware files from the USB before attempting to add the most recent update.
  4. Insert the USB drive containing the firmware updates into the port on the back of the console.
  5. Activate the console by pressing any button.
  6. Press and hold the RIDE and END buttons for 5 seconds to enter the Settings menu.
  7. Use the RIDE and END buttons to scroll to System, then press the STAGE button to select it.
  8. Scroll to Update, then press STAGE to select it.
  9. Press STAGE to start the update process.
  10. The update process will begin, first updating ANT/BLE, then the console firmware. You will see a confirmation screen for both updates. This will take approximately 20 seconds.
  11. The console will restart, and the new firmware will be displayed.