Note: the following information is for the SIC1 console. It does not pertain to the SIC2 console.

Each SIC1 console has a backlight button that can be used to turn the backlight on based on a duration determined in the settings. It can also be set to stay on or stay off completely. 

To adjust the backlight settings for # of seconds or to stay on or off, follow this key path: 

  1. Enter the menu by holding down the backlight and AVG/END buttons simultaneously for five seconds to enter SETTINGS
  2. Scroll to DISPLAY and press STAGE
  3. Scroll to BACKLIGHT and press STAGE. The current backlight setting will be displayed under the heading BACKLIGHT.
    - To adjust the # of seconds the backlight stays on, select BK LT TIME by pressing STAGE, and then select the # of seconds you would like it to stay on by pressing STAGE
    - To turn it on indefinitely, scroll to ON and press STAGE
    - To turn it off completely, scroll to OFF and press STAGE

For all menu selections, the current setting will be highlighted in black. To return to the previous screen, scroll to BACK and press the STAGE button for each menu level until you have returned to the home screen. 

SIC1 console button key: