Note: the following information is for the SIC1 console. It does not pertain to the SIC2 console.

The SIC1 console has a backlight button to turn on the backlight. Backlight settings on the console determine the amount of time the backlight stays lit once the console is activated. Set the backlight to always on, always off, or a preset number of seconds.

Console button guide

Use the BACKLIGHT or AVG/END buttons to scroll through the menu, and the STAGE button to select a menu item.

How to set the backlight time

  1. Activate the console by pressing any button.
  2. Press and hold the BACKLIGHT and AVG/END buttons for 5 seconds to enter SETTINGS menu.
  3. Use the BACKLIGHT or AVG/END buttons to scroll to DISPLAY, then press the STAGE button to select it.
  4. Scroll to BACKLIGHT.
    The current setting displays under the heading.
  5. Press the STAGE button.
    - To set the backlight to always ON, scroll to ON, then press STAGE.
    - To set the backlight to always OFF, scroll to OFF, then press STAGE.
    - To adjust the number of seconds the backlight stays on, scroll to BK LT TIME, then press STAGE. Scroll through the preset times, then press STAGE to select the time.
  6. To return to the previous menu, scroll to BACK, then press the STAGE button. Repeat this step until you return to the USB menu.

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