For Stages Indoor Cycling bikes that utilize a Stages Power meter, regular service updates may be required to keep the firmware up to date and utilizing our latest revisions, improvements, and bug fixes. Performing a firmware update in the field is easy and simply requires using a compatible mobile device (phone or tablet) with the StagesPower app. 

Please reference these steps when providing routine service to your Stages Indoor Cycling bikes in the field. We recommend waiting 5 minutes after any use of the bikes is completed to help streamline the update process. This is not required, but will make it easier to update each bike individually when the entire set of bikes is not active.

Step 1:

Install the StagesPower app on your mobile device.

StagesPower Android App Link

StagesPower iOS App Link

Step 2:

Launch the StagesPower app and rotate the crank at least two rotations on the bike to be updated in order to activate the power meter.

Step 3:

For Android devices: Choose the Stages Power meter and if multiple devices are detected, the device screen should show the strongest signal based on proximity. Hold the device close to the crank you are intending to update and select the Stages Power Meter with the most green bars. Once connected, view the tools page and compare the ANT+ ID listed to the crank you are updating to ensure you are connected to the power meter you intend to update.

For iOS devices: The app does not have the ability to sense proximity and will connect to the first available device. Once connected, confirm that the ANT+ ID displayed on the top of the screen matches the ANT+ ID from the power meter you intend to update.

The ANT+ ID is identified in several locations on the power meter crank arm.

Step 4:

If a firmware update is required, follow on screen prompt to begin the update. Both versions of the app will detect the current firmware and search for an available update.

Keep the mobile device close to the power meter until the update has completed. Once completed, exit the app.

Note: For Android, the app will reset your Bluetooth connection automatically. For iOS, use your phone's menu to turn Bluetooth off, then on to remove the connection with the power meter in order to ensure you can update the next bike.