The Stages Solo includes achievements that you earn during your workout. Track your achievements on the workout summary page, when you are signed in to your user account. 

Strive to complete all 12 achievements while getting a great workout on the Solo bike:

  • Stages Soloist – You completed your first full session.
  • Stages Sampler – You completed one ride from each duration: 45 minutes, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes.
  • Mid Pack – You completed 5 full sessions.
  • Eggbeater – Your average cadence stayed above 90 RPMs for the entire session.
  • Centurion – Reached 100 miles total.
  • Beast Mode – Maintained over 3 watts/kg for the entire session.
  • King of YOUR Mountain – You have ridden at a higher FTP each time for 3 consecutive rides. Must maintain the accuracy of 80%.
  • The Over-Achiever – Your average accuracy stayed above 85% for the entire session.
  • Gamer – You set your FTP in the Quick Start Tutorial.
  • Solo Power Tour – You completed the 7 zone power tour.
  • Solo Screen Tour – You touched all interactive areas of the screen.
  • Newbie No More – You completed all three phases of the Quick Start Tutorial.

In addition to being an achievement badge, Stages Solo overachievers are listed on the Top List. During your workout, points are accrued based on accuracy as you follow the profile. Your accuracy score is shown at the end of each workout. You will make the Stages Solo overachievers list with an accuracy of 85% or higher. The competition starts over at the beginning of each month.