The most common reason that your heart rate sensor will not connect to the Stages Solo tablet is that the heart rate sensor is already paired to another device, such as a mobile app. The HR sensor must not be connected to any other Bluetooth device. To ensure the HR sensor is not paired to your mobile device, you can disable Bluetooth temporarily while you pair to the Stages Solo tablet. 

Before connecting your HR sensor to the Stages Solo tablet, be sure that you are wearing the HR sensor and it is active. If needed, wet the contact patches on the strap to activate it. 


  • The Stages Solo tablet will connect to any Bluetooth-enabled heart rate sensor. It will not connect to an ANT+ heart rate sensor.

If the HR sensor still does not appear on the list of available devices, try these steps:

  1. Refresh the list by clicking on the REFRESH button.
  2. Click on the TROUBLESHOOTER button, which will reset all Bluetooth connections.