As you follow workouts on the Stages Solo, you will be rewarded with points for accuracy. The more closely you follow the workout, the better results you will get.

Each second of the ride, you will earn between 1 and 5 points. For every second that you’re right on target, you’ll receive the maximum of 5 points and see the Stages Sparkle light across the intensity profile. As a reward, The Solo Overachiever badge is earned for every ride that has an accuracy score over 85%. The top 100 ranked riders are listed on our global leader board, which can be viewed by clicking on the TOP LISTS tab when you are logged in to your account.

How to Earn Points


Keep your eyes on the outer circle of the gauge to see how hard you are currently pedaling and how close you are to the target. As your output gets closer to the target, the circle around your power will line up with the target circle. The outside of the gauge will also be color-coded to match your power zone, which will line up with the colors in the intensity profile. The closer you follow the workout, the more accuracy points you will earn. 

If you’re having trouble hitting the targets, you may need to adjust your intensity level (FTP). 

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