If you are finding the rides to be too easy, this may be because you need to adjust the intensity level. By default, the Intensity Level (FTP) is set to 150 watts. This will be too easy for some riders and too hard for others.


There are 3 ways to ensure an accurate and personalized FTP on the Stages Solo:

  1. Complete the New to Solo? estimator game to quickly determine one’s FTP.
  2. Complete one of Solo's Fitness Tests accessed by tapping on the Select Ride icon on the Solo main screen. The fitness tests are available in 15, 30, and 45-minute versions. This is the most accurate method.
  3. Change the intensity level during a ride using the intensity level slider. Tap on Intensity Level (FTP) at the top of the screen to increase or decrease the level. This is the least accurate method, but the easiest adjustment.

Once you have customized the intensity level for your body and fitness level, your Stages Solo rides should feel challenging, but something you are able to complete. As you do more rides, you may find you need to increase your intensity level over time to keep up as you gain fitness.

If you already have a StagesFlight.com account, have completed an FTP test in a class, and have entered the FTP results in your settings, you can sign in using your account email address and password and your FTP will be used for your rides.

A guided, 3-part tutorial is coming soon to help new riders understand their custom FTP and orient them to the gauge and other ride features in a fun, interactive gaming-style experience.