For non-US customers:

During a beats class, the gauges on the studio display show how compliant they are to the target RPM.

  • Green gauge - the rider is compliant and within +/- 5 RPM of the target RPM.
  • Yellow gauge - the rider is near-compliant and within +/- 6-10 RPMs of the target RPM. 
  • Orange Gauge - the rider is non-compliant and is +/- 11 or more RPM of the target RPM.

    The up and down arrows on the yellow and orange gauges indicate whether the rider needs to speed up or slow down to comply with the target RPM.

If the rider booked a bike in the class, their workout email will have a compliance score indicating how close they were to the target RPM during class.

For US Customers:

If you are a US customer, the studio display of a Beats class will look slightly different. Because there won't be a 'Compliance' gauge option, the riders' gauges will simply be bright pink and hold their cycling cadence or RPM.  This allows the instructor to guide the riders in the RPM range that matches the music and give visual guidance and accountability to the rider.