You have successfully created your StagesStudio account, now learn more about the user settings available in StagesStudio.


  1. Log in to using your email and password.
  2. Click on the SETTINGS icon at the bottom of your user dashboard.
  3. You see nine tabs on the left-hand side of the screen: General, Account Profile, Heart Rate, Power, Privacy, Notifications, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service. The default tab is Profile.


Set your units of measure and your language.

  • UNITS: select the units for weight and distance: Imperial (lbs and miles) or Metric (kg and km).
  • LANGUAGE: English is currently the only option. More languages will follow in future releases.


View and change your account settings.

  • FULL NAME: change your first and last name.
  • EMAIL: change your email address. 
  • PHONE: add your country code using the drop-down menu, and add or change your phone number.
  • PASSWORD: change your password.
  • COUNTRY: add your country of residence using the drop-down menu.


There are five settings here to personalize your account and workout.

  • PROFILE PICTURE: upload a picture to your account profile. Click on the PICTURE icon, then select a file from your device. The file must be a jpeg, png, or gif format, and less than 2 Mb. You can size and center your picture once it is uploaded. Change or remove your profile picture at any time.
  • DISPLAY NAME: edit your display name, the name that will appear in the gauges during class.
  • YEAR OF BIRTH: select the year you were born. StagesStudio uses age as one of the starting points to calculate your best sustainable effort. 
  • GENDER: choose from male, female, and not specified.
  • WEIGHT: enter your weight. StagesStudio uses weight as one of the starting points to calculate your best sustainable effort. There is an option for viewing your weight in lbs or kg.


View and change your heart rate settings in this tab.

  • MAX HEART RATE: Set your maximum heart rate in this tab. See the related article: How can I calculate my maximum heart rate?
  • MY HEART RATE MONITORS: Add your heart rate monitor by entering the ANT+ or Bluetooth ID, automatically associating your heart rate data to your account within a studio.


View and change your power settings in this menu. StagesStudio uses your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) value to customize your power zones for your workouts. Make sure you enter your actual FTP value or take an FTP test at your Studio. See the related article: What is FTP and how is it calculated?

  • FTP: Set your FTP value in watts.
  • AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE FTP: Toggle ON (blue) to automatically update your FTP after each FTP test, or toggle OFF (gray) to lock your FTP number.


View and change your privacy settings for the public leaderboard in this menu.

  • PUBLIC LEADERBOARD RANK: Toggle ON (blue) to participate in your club's leaderboard rankings, or toggle OFF (gray) to keep your rankings private.


The workout summary email gives you information on the workout you just completed, including total time, average watts, distance, and time in power zones.

  • WORKOUT SUMMARY EMAIL: Toggle ON (blue) or OFF (gray) to receive your workout summary email. 


Read our privacy policy here.


Read our terms of service here.

Please see the related article: How to create your user account in StagesStudio.