Club Admins can add a new user and instructor account to their club. When creating a new account, the user role is the default. The club admin must also add the instructor role to a user account to give them instructor privileges for the club.

For all software to communicate properly, the email address for each account must be the same in their accounts and CRM account (if they have one).

After creating a user account, the user can log in to their account at to access and change their password and settings, see their ride stats, and book classes, if your club uses the Stages Studio booking feature.

After creating an instructor account, the instructor can log in to their account at to access their information and create and edit their class plans. They will also have access to to use the practice room and teach classes.

This video shows step-by-step instructions to create a new user and instructor account after logging in to using your Club Admin credentials.

Add a user and instructor account in Stages Studio from Stages Indoor Cycling on YouTube.