Consult this list to see if your symptoms match up with any of these basic solutions. Most require minor mechanical adjustments to the bike, so if you are unsure about completing them, please contact our customer service department who may put you in touch with a qualified technician. 

For assembly details, check the user manual for your specific bike manual at


Likely Cause


Metal scraping sound while riding.Brake magnets rubbing on flywheel.Adjust brake carriage (Video).
Plastic rubbing sound while riding.Crank arm rubbing on plastic shroud.Loosen screws on user-right shroud, align shrouds properly, reinstall screws.
Clicking sound coming from inside of shrouds while riding.Shrouds are not aligned properly.
Clicking sound coming from pedals while riding.Cleats are too loose or too tight.Adjust cleat tension.
Pedal straps are hitting the ground every rotation.Tuck the pedals straps into the clips. If you are using SP3 pedals, remove the toe clip cage.
Squeaking sound coming from handlebar/seat stem while riding.Handlebar/seat stem needs lubrication.Lubricate handlebar/seat stem with silicone lubricant
Fitloc washer is rubbing on handlebar/seat stem.Adjust Fitloc (Video). If sound continues, call customer support
Squeaking sound while riding.Stabilizers are not fully tightened.Tighten bolts on both stabilizers.
Wrong type of cleats are being used.Use recommended Shimano SM-SH56 model cleats (multi-directional exit).
Knocking sound from handlebar/seat stem.Fitloc not adjusted properly or not fully engaged.Adjust Fitloc (Video).  If sound continues, call customer support.
Excessive vibration while riding.Bike is not level on the floor.Level the bike by adjusting leveling feet.
Belt tension is out of adjustment.Contact customer service before making any adjustment.
Pedal has come loose or fallen off. *If the pedal threads are stripped, please contact customer service.Pedal was not tightened properly during installation.Check for LocTite on pedal threads (apply a dab of Blue LocTite if missing) and reinstall pedals (Video).
Power meter/crank arm has come loose or fallen off. *If the crank arm threads are stripped, please contact customer service.Power meter/crank arm was not tightened properly during installation.Reinstall power meter or crank arm to proper torque setting (52-57 Nm/38-42lb-ft) (Video).
SIC2 Console buttons flicker and the screen will not turn on.
Battery charge on the SIC2 is low.
Ride the bike, with the console installed, for 60 minutes @ 90 RPM for a 75% charge. After 15 - 20 minutes, the console should turn on and display ride data.