Stages indoor bikes are leveled during installation. If the bike starts rocking or vibrating during a ride, or if the bike is moved to a new location, it may be necessary to re-level the bike.

To level a Stages indoor bike:

  1. Turn the four leveling feet clockwise until they are against the stabilizers.
    Four leveling feet rotate clockwise until they are against the front and rear stabilizers.
  2. If the bike is rocking when the leveling feet are in this position, start with the rear leveling feet and adjust one foot at a time, turning it counter-clockwise until it contacts the floor and the bike is stable. If needed, adjust the front leveling feet to help further stabilize the bike.
    Rear then front leveling feet rotate counter-clockwise until they contact the floor.
  3. Tighten each nut snug against the stabilizer using a 14 mm wrench. Note: if the bike is moved and re-leveled frequently, hand-tightening the nut is sufficient.
    Wrench tightens locknuts counterclockwise on leveling feet located.