As your gym or studio gets ready to reopen, here is some important tips about disinfecting your Stages bikes during the COVID-19 outbreak. Stages will not officially recommend a cleaning product for liability reasons. 

After use, bikes should be cleaned with mild soap and water, followed by a pass with disinfectant, as directed on the label. Wipe the bikes again with a damp rag to remove any corrosive chemicals. Follow all guidelines set forth by the CDC, or your local government agencies.

Most commercial cleaners are listed as effective for cleaning against COVID-19. Check the cleaning supplies you already have on hand.


  • Do not use cleaning products containing ammonium chloride, such as Virex, Clorox Broad Spectrum Quaternary Cleaner, and other non-bleach alternatives containing “Quaternary” compounds (which refers to various ammonium chloride compounds). 

    • Ammonium chloride can dissolve glues and corrode the metal on the bike, causing irreparable damage that can compromise the safety of the bike. 

  • Always follow health and safety guidelines for ventilation during and after disinfecting to avoid harmful substances being inhaled by your staff and clients. 

  • If you are unsure if your cleaning product is harmful, allow for sufficient dwell time (read all labeling to determine how long the product must remain on the surface to kill all bacteria and viruses), then re-wipe the surface with a damp rag to remove the chemical from the bike’s surface. 

Following are some helpful links:

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