For Stages Indoor Cycling bikes equipped with a Stages Power meter and/or a Bluetooth-enabled console, it is possible to record your power data using the third-party fitness service of your choice and sync to training websites, such as Strava or Training Peaks.  

  • By pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled console, you may be able to connect directly to the console to record power, heart rate, and speed together within the app. Note: Not all apps will accept the console as a sensor. 
  • By pairing directly to a power meter, you can log power and cadence data into any service compatible with cycling power meters. Note that with this option, you will need to pair to your mobile device before activating the console to connect to the power meter over Bluetooth. 

To record your ride, you will need to download the game or app onto your computer, Apple TV, or compatible iOS or Android device, and pair it to your sensors. Each service may have different features and limitations, so for more help on which app to choose, please submit a ticket with information about your device. 

Identifying your bike or console 

When many bikes are active, it may be difficult to choose which sensor to pair and record your data. For this, both consoles and power meters can have a unique id programmed in to make it easier. 

  • To identify which console to pair to, you may check the bike number. Any console with a bike number programmed will show up on your app's sensor list as Stages IC 1 (or applicable bike number).
    Note: Not all apps will accept the console as a sensor. 
  • To identify which power meter to pair to, check the sticker on the side of the left crank arm of the bike. The 4-5 digit ANT+ id will be used to identify the power meter on the sensor list. 

Compatible third-party fitness services

We recommend our Stages Studio+ app which allows you to record your indoor on-demand or free ride directly into Stages Studio alongside your group fitness class data. 

Download the StagesStudio+ app from the Google Play Store

Download the StagesStudio+ app from the iTunes Store.