Stages Indoor Cycling bikes equipped with a Stages Power meter and Stages Indoor cycling console will display both speed and distance on the console in order to mimic the real speed and distance you'd be traveling if pedaling outdoors. Unlike other indoor bikes that equate flywheel rotation speed with theoretical outdoor speed (which is easily manipulated by lowering the resistance), the Stages Indoor Cycling bike uses the rider's direct measured power data to calculate the speed based on your power output. 

By using this more accurate calculation, the speed and distance on your indoor bikes will be accurate to what you would ride outdoors (without any major wind or any significant incline/decline). This realistic number is especially helpful when comparing pacing if you ride outdoors and your distance is accurate enough to combine with outdoor rides when tracking mileage.

Note: Within classes in our Stages Flight software system, your speed may vary from that of the console if your class is using courses or other features that may simulate uphill and downhill sections. The speed in Stages Flight will simulate your effort in the programmed terrain, rather than that of riding on flat ground. When riding in handicap mode, speeds also may be increased based on the handicap mode setting.