The Stages console displays the following metrics:

  • Power (W): Power is the measurement of how much work you are doing. It is measured through the Stages Power meter mounted on the left crank arm, which measures the force on the crank and the speed that you are pedaling. 
  • Cadence (rpm): Cadence is the speed that you are pedaling in rotations per minute. 
  • Heart rate (bpm): When console is paired with a compatible ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart wireless heart rate monitor, the console will display your heart rate in beats per minute. 
  • Speed (kmh or mph): The console uses power to estimate your speed based on your current power output, using an equation to calculate how fast you would be traveling outdoors when riding a road bike on flat ground. 
  • Distance (km or mi): Distance is measured and accumulated using the speed calculation above and the time you've been riding. 
  • Calories (kcal): Calories burned are calculated from the power measurement on the bike. 

Current (real time) values and averages for each stage are visible on the console. To view full ride data during your workout, press the AVG/END button on the console.