Follow a structured workout in the Ride tab in the Stages Cycling app. Select a workout from the Stages Cloud library or use a scheduled workout from a connected service such as Stages Link, TrainingPeaks, or TrainerRoad. If you have scheduled workouts, make sure you have connected one of these services under Profile > Connections. Under your desired service, check that Workouts are toggled on. 

To learn more about connections, see: Connecting 3rd party apps to Stages Cycling app.


Start your workout

  1. Before you begin, go to the Devices tab to connect your sensors. You will need either a Stages Power meter or StagesBike SB20 smart bike connected to complete a workout. You can also pair your Bluetooth heart rate monitor here to record your heart rate during your workout. 
  2. Tap the Ride icon, then select the Workout tab. Tap Scheduled to select a workout from your calendar or Library to select one from the Stages Cloud library. 
  3. Select your desired workout, then select Ride workout.
  4. The Workout tab will populate with a graph of your workout. Once you're ready, tap the play icon to start the workout timer. Interval time and interval average power are shown in the box above the workout graph. As you progress in your workout, your power output is graphed over the top of the workout graph.

Controlling the workout

Advance or go back a step

Use the arrows on either side of the interval timer to go backward or forward a step in the workout. 

Adjust the workout scale

If the workout targets are too difficult or too easy to complete, you can adjust the workout scale. Tap 100% in the lower left corner to bring up the workout scale slider. Drag the slider to the left to reduce the difficulty of the targets and to the right to increase the difficulty, then tap Save.

Pause the workout

Tap the pause button next to the workout timer to pause your workout. The interval time will stay paused even if you continue riding. Just hit start again to resume your workout when you are ready.

Discard the workout

If you would like to select a different workout or continue without the workout timer, tap the trash can icon at the bottom of the screen and discard your workout. Your ride will be retained and you can continue pedaling or end your ride from the Ride tab.

Controlling your StagesBike

When you pair your StagesBike to the Stages Cycling app and select a workout, the app adjusts the resistance on the bike for you in order to meet your targets during the workout. Select the StagesBike tab to view the current mode and resistance setting. To use the gears on the bike, change the mode to Sim mode (mountain icon). This sets the base resistance to a preset gradient and you can use the bike's shifters to adjust the resistance to meet your interval targets. 

Save your workout

Once you've completed your workout, you can keep riding or end your ride by tapping on the Ride tab. Once you're ready to save, pause the ride recording and then tap the stop button to complete. Add a ride title and a description, then tap Upload to save your ride to Stages Cloud and any other selected connections (connected under Profile > Connections). 

Head over to the Calendar to view your ride summary, review workout steps, and review your lap times and averages.