Record rides on the SB20 directly in the Stages Cycling app. Rides recorded in the Stages Cycling app can be uploaded to your favorite third-party platforms. Before you begin, make sure you have your third-party apps connected so you can upload your completed ride to these platforms. 

  1. Connect to your SB20 on the Stages Cycling app by adding a new sensor or tapping the link icon next to your bike.
  2. If you are riding with a Bluetooth heart rate sensor, add it as a new device or connect it from the Devices page.
  3. Once your StagesBike and optional heart rate sensor are connected, select the Ride icon on the bottom menu.
  4. Tap the green play button to begin recording your ride.
  5. Tap StagesBike or swipe to the right to view gearing and change the control mode.
    Select the top icon (External mode) to remove control of the bike to use another application, select the lightning bolt icon to set the resistance in watts (Erg mode), or select the mountain icon (Simulation mode) to set resistance as a climbing grade.
  6. Tap the pause button to pause your ride. From paused, you can continue your ride or stop recording.
  7. Select the red stop button to end your ride.
  8. Add a title and description to your workout, then select Upload. If you don't want to save your ride data, tap Discard on the lower left.