1. Log in to your Stages Flight account.
  2. If you have not already, add your club location to your account by going to:
    Drop-down menu in the upper left by your email address > Settings > Locations > Add Location
  3. Click on Dashboard on the top menu of the page, then Booking.
  4. Select Book Class to look for a new class.
    - Use the drop-down to change from your default club if you have added multiple locations.
  5. A list of classes scheduled at your club will be shown. Once you see the class you'd like to attend, click Book Now.
  6. A layout of bikes in the room will be shown. Once you have picked the bike you'd like to ride, confirm the booking.
  7. You will receive an email verifying the date and time of your booking, as well as the option to switch bikes.
    • Make sure to check the date to ensure you signed up for the correct week

Note: If you are viewing the Stages Flight website on a mobile device, please click View Standard Site at the bottom of the page to view these page options.