If directed to this knowledge base article, the hardware within the height adjustment knobs (2) on your Stages Solo bike should be replaced to ensure optimal performance. 

Enclosed with the bike are two screws with flat washers and lock washers. 

  1. Use a 2 mm hex wrench to pop off the cover of the height adjustment knob by inserting the wrench into the two (2) openings behind the knob and pressing outward. 
  2. The knob cover will come off, giving access to the retaining screw. 
  3. Use the 2 mm hex wrench to loosen and remove the existing screw and install the enclosed screw and washers. 
  4. Hold the knob stationary to tighten the screw. 
  5. Install knob cover by pressing it into place. 

A video detailing the replacement process can be seen below:

The original screws can be discarded.