SUMMARY: This section provides a list of items that are required to be checked during the final assembly and after installation of the bike, to ensure that they have been put together correctly, working correctly, installed correctly, every time, for every Customer. Note: This checklist must be used during the build and during the installation of bike. Note: Failure to assemble or install the bikes correctly, could result in installer having to go back out and fix bikes at no cost to Stages Indoor Cycling, or back billing the installer for work that may need to be performed, as a result of the improper assembly or installation of bikes.





Check forward/aft slides on seats and handlebars


Set to 0 (and tightened)

Check up/down slides on seat and handlebars


Handlebars all set to same height (and locked into place)(if more than 1 Les Mills bike in facility)

Seats all set to the same height (and locked into place)(if more than 1 Les Mills bike in facility)

Check and adjust the tension on the Pop-pin



Check bike leveling

Adjust stabilizer to floor (adjust all the way up first into stabilizer, then to floor)

Tighten nut against stabilizers after leveled

Check tablet and bracket

Ensure tight on handle bar stem

Ensure set to the back of handlebar stem

Check tightness of all

Tablet/tablet base


Power Meter


Seats (level and in-line with handlebars)

Update Stages Power Meter 

Check for firmware update via the StagesPower App

Complete Virtual Bike tablet set up

Les Mills Virtual Bike – follow procedure that begins on page 14 of the Les Mills Virtual Bike SOP

Stages Solo Bike – follow procedure that begins on page 16 of the Stages Solo Bike SOP

Ride and function check the bike

Listen for rubbing noises (metal to metal, plastic, etc.)

Listen and feel for vibrations

Test resistance knob and SprintShift lever

Tablet is displaying watts and rpms (if all functioning, perform zero reset) Via the StagesPower app

Perform adjustments as necessary

Remove any extra packaging material

Ensure bikes is positioned in customers requested location(s) (post install only)

Clean bikes


Next Step:

Please have the customer sign below acknowledging satisfactory completion of virtual bike installation and return this form to [email protected].

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