Instructors and club admins can scan for devices using the Stages Flight ANT+ ID search application to find devices in the room. 

  1. Download the Stages Flight ANT+ ID Search Application onto a computer that is connected to a WASP device via WiFi or USB
  2. With Stages Flight closed (make sure to exit out of the application), open the ANT+ ID search application
  3. Choose to scan for heart rate monitors or power meters
  4. A list of sensors will populate. To help identify the correct sensor:
    - When searching for bike/power meter ANT+ IDs, we recommend doing this outside of a class session and having someone pedal the bikes one at a time to identify them.
    - When searching for HR monitor ANT+ IDs, the heart rate monitor must be worn by the class participant and if many sensors are present, they may need to elevate their HR to help identify the correct sensor. This can be done by either performing a quick effort on the bike or another form of exercise to elevate their heart rate. 

Note: For Stages Indoor Bikes, the ANT+ ID is printed on two stickers located on the sides of the power meter pod and on the pedal end of the crank arm near the pod.  This option may be easier/quicker to use for identifying bikes than using the ANT+ search application.