When the update is ready, Solo will display a notification on the home screen:


Press the gear icon in the top right corner and enter the Administrator Password (Stages4life) to access the admin panel.

(Note: If password does not work, you may need to sign in as a user before accessing the admin panel.)

Lifetime Admin username: pregan@lt.life

Lifetime Admin password: Stages4life

Once authenticated, Admin will be prompted to ‘Install’ and then ‘Open’ the update. 

 The Update process may take some time, as there are several videos being downloaded in addition to the software updates. Allow the tablet to work through this process.

When the process has completed, Solo will automatically launch the updated software. It is best practice to reboot the Solo tablet once the update has completed, and to ensure that the power meter is paired via the Admin Panel. 


Version 2.2.1 includes several functionality improvements and interface updates which will be detailed in further communications.






Please contact support@stagesflight.com with any further questions about Solo or this update procedure.