[Will Grossman posted the following response in Slack on 3/26/19]

Yes and No.  From LM's perspective wifi is NEEDED to provide the best experience.  With that said, words from their mouths on 1/30.

First off, Will I agree that we should put more emphasis on the need for WiFi.

Having said that, WiFi connectivity is not required for the bike to work.  Limited or no internet connectivity has the following implications:

1.    Content and application updates will be delayed at best and never happen at worst – this will cause support issues eventually

2.    We may not be able to remotely support the device

3.    Reporting will be patchy at best

4.    “Send my ride data” functionality will be flaky and reflect poorly on the end customer experience

Bottom line, the bike WILL NOT FUNCTION as designed without a constant wifi connection (including allowing for the ability to remotely support), but it will function to some degree without wifi once its set up initially and can "connect" to verify subscription and potentially an initial download.  Make sense?  So without Wifi its not going to provide the experience LM or Stages are advertising, but it will still work to some degree.  Les Mills is so concerned about the "experience" they would prefer we not even allow the bike to be installed in facilities without a constant wifi connection.