Check out the list of required maintenance tasks to be performed on a regular basis. All tasks are quick and will help to avoid larger issues in the future. 


  • Wipe down all bikes using mild soap and water or a mild cleaner
  • Do not use products with ammonium chloride to clean the bikes, as they will cause the glue to come off


  • Lubricate sliding tubes silicone lubricant (handlebar and seat stems, fore/aft slides)
  • Inspect pedals

    - Fraying straps, broken bindings, tightness

  • Visually inspect all  hardware components
  • Check or ask for noises heard while riding


  • Inspect and lubricate seat release  pins (SC1)
  • Inspect and adjust FitLoc’s for proper tension (SC3 and SC2)

  • Check crank bolt tension (Torque to 52-57 Nm or 38-42 lb – ft)
  • Check power meter battery levels and change out batteries as needed
  • Check console battery levels for SC1 and SC2 models (Consoles, power crank arm,  replace as needed)
  • Perform zero reset on power meters to ensure high accuracy
    • Note: If power meters are updated to firmware version 2.0.84 or newer this is unnecessary as this will be done automatically. 


  • For maximum performance and safety, replace the pedals every year
  • Inspect bottom brackets