The Stages Power meter zero offset calibration (zero reset) can be performed through the console as well as through the StagesPower app.

Performing a zero reset through the app is simple and easy and can be done through these steps:

Note: If you do not already have the StagesPower app installed on a compatible mobile device, please install it here: Stages Power - Android App / Stages Power - iOS App

1. Launch the StagesPower app on your mobile device and select "Connect with Bluetooth".

2. Spin the crank requiring the zero offset to awaken the power meter.

3. On the Discovering Devices screen, select the power meter you are trying to connect to. 

4. If you are in proximity to multiple active power meters, verify that the correct crank arm is connected to the app.

For the iOS app, the serial number and ANT+ ID is displayed at the top of the app screen. For Android, see the "Tools" page to verify the serial number or ANT+ ID.

5. Place the crank arm in the vertical/6 o'clock position with no weight on the pedal and hit the "Zero Reset" button.

6. Upon completion, the crank will return an ADC value and temperature reading.

If you do not see a value returned within 30 seconds, hit the back arrow in the top left corner and attempt to zero reset again. If the crank no longer displays "Connected" at the top of the screen, you may need to rotate the crank to re-awaken it before attempting to zero reset again.

Successful "Zero Reset" in the StagesPower Android App