If the club uses StagesStudio PRO+, instructors can create videos and upload them to StagesStudio to use in their classes. StagesStudio accepts almost every video format. Make sure the video you're uploading is 720p or 1080p display.

The video file needs to be downloaded to your computer. Please note: Video, digital images, and music (“Digital Content”) may be subject to global copyright laws in your area. By uploading Digital Content to StagesCloud, you acknowledge that you own or have obtained, the necessary copyright permissions for your intended use of the Digital Content.

To upload a video:

  1. Log in to StagesCloud.com.
  2. Scroll down the menu on the left-hand side, and click on VIDEOS under INSTRUCTOR.
  3. Click on UPLOAD.
  4. Drag the video file you want to upload onto the screen or click SELECT FILE to browse your hard drive for the video.
  5. A status bar for the upload will appear.
  6. Fill in the video details: add the title, description, and select the enterprise where you will use the video. Click on NEXT.
  7. Select all tags that apply to the video. Tags help label each video and make it easier to find a video for class. Videos can be filtered by tags, making them easier to locate. Click on NEXT
  8. Review the information. Click on BACK to make changes, then click on SAVE.
  9. You will see confirmation that the video is uploading and what time it started.

To test your video in the Studio.StagesCloud.com practice room, see the related article: Test a plan and video in the Studio.StagesCloud practice room.