Bikes with a SIC1 console

If you're riding a Stages Indoor Cycling bike featuring a SIC1 console, you have two options to save your rides and track your data on various fitness websites and apps. Using a USB drive, you can easily save each ride onto one drive and upload the ride to compatible websites. Using the Stages Flight mobile app, you can log your riding on the Stages Flight website. If you are a member of a club or studio that uses the Stages Flight platform for group classes, your individual rides will be logged side by side with each group class you participate in. 

USB Drive:

  1. Locate the USB input on the front of the console.
  2. Press any button to activate the console and the display will prompt you to insert a USB drive into the USB port on the console. 
  3. If the console detects a USB drive, a checkmark will appear on the display.
    • If the console does not detect a USB drive, a cross-out symbol will appear on the display. Remove the drive and use the AVG/END button to restart the console and attempt again. Some USB drives may not function correctly when plugged into the console. 
  4. Press the STAGE button to begin the ride. 
  5. Hold down AVG/END to complete your ride and finish recording to the USB drive. 
    • Activity will be saved when you view the RESULTS summary on the console screen. 
    • Note: If you remove the USB drive prior to ending your ride, your ride data will not be saved. 

The file on the USB will be recorded in both a .FIT and .CSV file format. .FIT files can be uploaded to Strava, Stages Link, Training Peaks, and other fitness tracking websites, while the .CSV file can be opened as a spreadsheet in order to review your ride data, including STAGE summaries and overall ride summary data. 

Bikes with or without a console

Stages Flight app:

Before recording your ride with the Stages Flight app, make sure you have the Stages Flight app installed on your device and that Bluetooth is enabled. 

  1. Activate the console by pressing any button and begin pedaling the bike. 
    • The console will enter Warm Up mode after pedaling for 10 seconds, but you may also enter Warm Up mode by pressing the STAGE button. 
  2. Open up the Stages Flight app on your mobile device and select "Tap to Connect sensors"
  3. Select the console from the list of available sensors.
    • For Stages Flight app, the console will be listed based on the bike number, such as Stages IC 1.
    • If no bike number has been set by the club or studio, the console will show up as Stages IC 0.
  4. Begin the recording or start your activity on your personal device
  5. Press the STAGE button to begin your activity on the console.
  6.  End your activity in the app to upload it to Stages Flight. 

Activities in Stages Flight can also be synced to Strava by connecting your accounts. See our help article here. Rides logged on Stages Flight can also be exported from the desktop version of the site in order to log files elsewhere. 

Stages Solo

From the Stages Solo bike, you can record all rides by logging into your Stages Flight account on the tablet. If you don't have an account, create one here

Rides completed on the Stages Solo will show up on your Flight dashboard. You can export them here or connect your account to other platforms to have them auto-upload.