Is your tablet with the StagesFlight Control App out of power, not working, or you cannot connect the Stages Control App to StagesFlight? It is still possible to run a class by using only your keyboard and StagesFlight on your NUC.

  1. Open StagesFlight using the shortcut on your desktop, the Waiting for connection screen should appear on the group display.

  2. Close this screen, by clicking on the X in the top right corner.

  3. The StagesFlight Instructor Control Panel should appear on the group display. Add your profile, and video or music, then click Start to begin class. The Instructor Control Panel might still be showing on the group display screen.

  4. Using your keyboard, toggle between the screens on the display by holding down the alt key and clicking on the tab key.

  5. When the StagesFlight group display window is highlighted, release the keys to select it.

  6. Your profile, with video or music, will appear on the Stages Flight group display and you can start teaching.

If you scheduled an FTP test during the profile, the FTP results will show on the group display. Navigate to the StagesFlight Instructor Control Panel, as described above, and click on Gauges + Video, in order to get rid of the FTP results on the screen. Afterward, navigate back to the StagesFlight Group Display screen, to continue teaching class.

When class is finished, be sure to navigate to the Stages Flight Instructor Control Panel, in order to end the class so riders get their results.