Follow this guide to set up your new StagesSolo bike and tablet:

  1. Plug in the power adapter and allow the screen to initialize. Once booted up a screen will appear that says "Welcome to Stages Solo." Press the DEVICE SET UP button.

  2. The following screen will prompt you to connect to the power meter installed on the bike. Prior to selecting a power meter you will need to locate the ANT ID on the power meter. It is a five-digit number on the side of the power meter. Once located pedal the bike to wake up the power meter, then select the matching ANT ID on the tablet screen. Once connected press the NEXT button.
  3. Next, you will select the WiFi network the tablet will use to capture the StagesSolo license. Type in the password for the WiFi network being used (and password if needed). Note: To bring up the keyboard, touch the screen in the password area.
  4. Once the “You are online!” screen appears on the screen, press the NEXT button. On the “Sign in as an admin” screen, enter the email and password and then press the SIGN IN button. The log-in information is that of the Club Admin within the facility. This information was provided prior to installation. Note: Without the admin sign-in, you will not be able to complete the setup of the bike/tablet. In order to set up the tablet, you will need the admin and password assigned to this location.
  5. Review the StageSolo Privacy Policy and then press the ACCEPT button.
  6. Select the license for your StagesSolo bike and then press the ACCEPT button to activate your license for your bike. Note: There is one license per tablet. If there is more than one bike at a club the screen will show a listing of all available licenses.
  7. From the “License Activated” screen, press the FINISH SETUP button, then it will bring up the home screen. Your StagesSolo bike is now ready to use.