Guide to console buttons: 

To exit the SETTINGS mode, press the AVG/END button

To pair an RPM sensor (also known as a cadence sensor), follow these steps:

1. Activate the console by pressing any button.

2. Press and hold the BACKLIGHT and AVG/END buttons for 5 seconds to enter the SETTINGS menu

3. Use the AVG/END button to advance the settings menu and hit STAGE to enter PAIRING

4. Select RPM SENSOR with the STAGE button by scrolling through the menu with the AVG/END button, then select ENTER ANT

    - Locate the ANT+ ID on the sticker attached to the left crank arm.

5. Enter the ANT+ ID from the crank sticker using the following keys:

    - Use the BACKLIGHT button to advance the digit. The number will increase from 0-9 and return to 0.

    - Use the AVG/END button to move to the next digit. The highlight will move from left to right and return to the first digit.

6. Once the ANT+ ID displayed matches the cadence meter, press the STAGE button to begin pairing

    - Spin the cadence meter on the bike. This will wake the cadence meter and allow the console to link to it.

7. Complete the pairing process

     - If the pairing process is successful, the word PAIRED will appear in the message banner.